Why FitForMe?

FitForMe is here to support you with multivitamins,
specifically formulated for your type of weight loss

Why choose FitForMe
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It’s easy!

Just one capsule or chewable* per day to support your health and wellbeing.
* Iron is included in the capsules, the chewable tablets require an additional Ferro tablet daily.

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Tailored to your operation

Our Multivitamins are developed specifically for people who have undergone weight loss surgery. They are also formulated for the different weight loss operations.

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For approximately $1 dollar a day, you can have your Multivitamin supplements delivered direct to your door.

Money back guarantee

** Please refer to Trading Terms for full details

Why supplements?


After your operation you can only eat small amounts.
This means a lower calorie intake resulting in weight loss, but
also a reduced absorption of nutrients. To supplement possible
shortages and support your health, a daily multivitamin supplement
is necessary.


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FitForMe Multivitamins have been specifically developed for the different types of weight loss surgery. Need more information about our products? Just click the button below and find out!