Get to know our company

Our company story begins with two friends in The Netherlands.  One is outside a lot, eats healthy, but doesn’t exercise. The other is a sports fanatic, has a desk job and regularly goes out with colleagues. They both feel healthy, but of course it can always be better. The friends discover they both use the same standard dietary supplements yet their lifestyles are vastly different. Because of this, the friends develop a unique nutritional test and then start a company that specialises in supplements tailored to different individual eating and lifestyle habits.


As time passes by, the friends notice that more and more people are struggling with obesity and an increasing number of individuals are opting for surgery to help improve their lifestyles. Given their passion for health, this inspires the two friends so they dive into the world of obesity by developing a special multivitamin which serves as a dietary supplement for individuals who have undergone bariatric surgery. From here, the company FitForMe is born….

Our commitment to you!

At FitForMe, we understand the challenges faced with weight loss management. Individuals make a brave decision to undergo a life-changing surgical procedures.
After the surgery, it is essential that individuals supplement their diet with customised multivitamins to help maintain and support general health and well being. At FitForMe we pride ourselves in specialising in weight loss management by developing multivitamins specifically tailored for bariatric surgery.  You and your health are our number one priority so thats why we would like to commit in providing the very best personal customer service and offer a high quality product specifically tailored to your operation at an affordable price.  We look forward to assisting you throughout your journey.